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Affiliate Earnings

For each referral you can earn 30 Minutes of traffic to your pages as well as 20% commission from all their purchases (VIP memberships and minute purchases) for life! This makes our affiliate system a fantastic opportunity to make consistent, reliable monthly income.

You can find your unique referral URL in the affiliates area on CustomHits.

Average Earnings

On average referrals have a VIP uptake rate between 15%-20% and a 61% minute pack purchase rate. This does depend on the type and quality of the content you’re creating, with articles and forum posts based around using CustomHits traffic as a money-making tool reaching 38% VIP uptake.

Remember a referral is a referral for life, you will earn 20% of all their purchases forever.

Tips for Higher Conversion Rates

  • Mention the free minutes on signup so they can get started instantly.
  • Mention that all traffic is fully anonymous.
  • Mention the auto-pilot traffic exchange system, so they can leave CustomHits running earning credits any time.
  • Guides on how to make money using CustomHits has the highest VIP uptake rate.
  • Use our banners on your sites and forum posts / footers
  • For larger articles, reviews, guides or other content check out our Coupons page where we can create a custom coupon just for you to use!

With visual content converting a higher number of referrals, we’ve created some banners you can use in your sites, blogs, forum posts / footers, etc. Click here to view banners.

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