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Features Overview

Powerful features that help your websites climb the search engine rankings. Our features help you drive quality relevant traffic to your sites!

Instant Validation

Websites validated within minutes. Once added it will instantly start receiving an unlimited amount traffic.

White Label Traffic

You decide where your traffic comes from, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest? You decide!

Auto-Pilot Surf

Surfing is 100% autopilot, ran in any browser and super simple to use. Leave it running in the background while you work.

Country Targeting

You decide which Countries your visitors come from, climb the rankings in your area with our highly targeted traffic.

Gender Targeting

Optional gender targeting system to help boost your rankings for each gender if needed.

Visitor Duration

Customizable visitor duration to make all traffic appear more random and natural on tracking websites.

Safe & Secure

Secure systems keep you and your websites safe. Only relevant and targeted traffic is used, no spam.

Affiliate Earnings

Earn 20% LIFETIME commission from all of your referrals purchases forever! Also earn credits for each referral.

24/7 Support

Fast 24/7 support ready to answer any questions you may have about CustomHits or traffic exchange in general.

Exchange System

What is a Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchanges allow people that need traffic to come together and exchange links to their websites. Everyone on the platform shares the same goal of increasing traffic to their pages. Each person earns credits by visiting other websites and In turn they can use those credits to get visitors on their own websites. And the cycle continues!

CustomHits provides a great place for them to do this in a safe and reliable way. CustomHits is one of the largest traffic exchange sites out there, thanks to our advanced features!

Why do YOU need a Traffic Exchange?

Algorithms control the Internet. They decide which websites rank top of Google, which videos show up first on YouTube and which items are shown to you on Amazon. They're all monitoring your traffic statistics so they can fine tune their algorithms to rank sites they deem more popular above those with low views. Traffic is king when it comes to rankings.

Using CustomHits you can increase your rankings all over the internet with some quality traffic to put your sites on top of your competition. Best of all, it's completely free.

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How Does CustomHits Work?

CustomHits makes it so simple and easy to deliver reliable, highly targeted traffic to your websites and pages. We've been providing consistent views since 2012, no other traffic exchange provides the level of quality OR quantity as

Add Your Websites

Add the pages you want to deliver hits to. After a few minutes they should be approved and submitted into the exchange.

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Start our fully automated traffic exchange to start earning some credits to use on your pages.

Receive Traffic!

Watch as you start receiving highly targeted traffic to your pages almost instantly!

CustomHits Referral System

With over 70% of clicks through a referral link converting into a new member you can join the thousands of members already taking advantage of our fantastic referral system!

Referral System
  • Lifetime Earnings

    Once you refer a new member, you will earn a 20% commission on all of their purchases for life! This includes monthly VIP membership and one-off additional credit purchases!

  • Prompt Payments

    Average payment time from making a withdrawal request to receiving the money in your bank account is 3 days.

  • Free Credits

    Even if your referrals never purchase a VIP membership or additional credit packs you'll still earn some additional credits as a thank you!