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CustomHits Analytics Benefits

Drive visitors to your digital content

Join our visitor exchange community of over 60,000 monthly active members to get the visibility you deserve.

Customizable targeting to narrow down your target audience

Narrow down your target audience for optimal results.

With CustomHits you can control:

  • Who views your content
  • Where they're from
  • How long they view your content for
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CustomHits Customisation
CustomHits Dashboard

Simple dashboards showing realtime performance data

We make it effortlessly easy to track your CustomHits promotion's performance.

View live data & up to 180 days of historical stats for all of your campaigns.

  • Always up-to-date realtime data
  • Visitor count & visit duration stats
  • Easy to understand
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Grow your backlink portfolio by posting on our community blog

Share content & place relevant backlinks on our community blog.

You'll even earn commission from anyone who signs up to CustomHits after reading your content!

  • Free content promotion
  • Build high-DR backlinks
  • Earn commission from readers
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Ready to get more website visitors?

Drive visitors to your websites, videos, affiliate links, product pages and more.

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How do you get more website visitors?

We make it really easy to drive more visitors to your content.

1. Submit Your Pages

Add the pages you want to drive visitors to. Please allow our verification systems a few minutes to review your submissions.

  • No limit on the total number of pages
  • No adult content
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2. Earn Credits

Launch our fully automated visitor exchange module to start earning credits which are used to pay for visits to your pages.

  • No downloads required
  • Runs in your browser
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3. Receive Visitors

Sit back and enjoy the flood of new visitors your pages will start receiving. As long as you have credits, we will keep sending visitors.

  • Every visitor will be visible in your analytics
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What is a visitor exchange network?

Learn how you can grow your visitors using a community of like-minded members.

A visitor exchange network...

provides your online content with a visibility boost by introducing it to new viewers from around the world.

It's like putting up a billboard on a busy digital highway. Not everyone who sees it will visit your shop, but it increases the chances of getting noticed and remembered.

And the more people see your site, the more likely search engines will take notice, too, which can help more visitors find you naturally over time.

Visitor Exchange Network

Loved by people and businesses around the world

See why over 60,000 members keep coming back every month.

Free forever. Optional upgrades for that extra boost

Drive even more visitors to our content with one of our VIP plans

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  • Unlimited Pages
  • Direct Visits
  • Daily Gift
  • 7 Days Analytics
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$9.99 /mo
  • Everything in basic
  • Faster Promotion
  • Increased Credits
  • More Targeting options
  • 30 Days Analytics
  • 1 Backlink Per Blog Post
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$19.99 /mo
  • Everything in VIP
  • Even Faster Promotion
  • Even More Credits
  • 180 Days Analytics
  • 3 Backlinks Per Blog Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a question? Get in touch, we're more than happy to help

Yes, it is. At CustomHits, we strictly adhere to AdSense policies. Our platform promotes genuine visitor exchanges and doesn't support fake engagement or artificial clicks. The visitors from CustomHits is real people, such as yourself, ensuring that it aligns with Google AdSense's guidelines on traffic quality.

New page submissions are typically verified within a few minutes, after which they will start receiving traffic instantly. Our sophisticated verification systems ensure the safety of our members and platform. Please note that pages may be flagged for manual review, which may take longer.

Yes, location & gender targeting is available with either a VIP or VIP+ plan. We provide promotion to over 150 countries around the world on a regular basis. Please note traffic rates may vary depending on your targeted Countries.

No, adult content is strictly prohibited on our exchange system. Any attempt to bypass our restrictions will result in a permanent removal of your account. Please see our terms and conditions for a list of prohibited content.