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How Many Minutes Will I Earn?

All members have access to the same auto-surf functionality, view the same pages and earn Minutes in the exact same way. The only difference being VIP members earn more Minutes for their time spent surfing.

Real World Earnings

CustomHits works as an exchange service with one member spending Minutes to drive traffic to their page and another member receiving Minutes for time spent visiting that page. To keep it fair that means that the member spending the Minutes driving traffic are only paying for the time spent actually on their page and not for the connection / loading times in between page loads.

For this reason the average Minute earnings may be slightly lower than the real world surfing time. See below for average real world earnings.

Free MembersVIP Membership
Earnings75% of page view time100% of page view time
Real Earnings over 1 hour period*43 Minutes*58 Minutes*
Real Earnings over 24 hour period*1,032 Minutes*1,392 Minutes*
* = Avg. Real Minutes earned by users after taking into account connection speed / page load times.
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