Do I need a Traffic Exchange?

Do I Need a Traffic Exchange? Drive Direct Traffic

Traffic is king when it comes to rankings, especially direct traffic. Search engines monitor the amount of traffic your websites receive and to put it simply – The more traffic you receive, the more likely you are to rank higher on Google. The amount of traffic you receive directly tells Google and other search engines how popular your websites are. So you might be wondering do I need a traffic exchange in 2022?

According to the latest SEMrush Ranking Factors report direct traffic is the #1 most important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Have you used a traffic exchange?

How does a Traffic Exchange work?

Simply put a traffic exchange is a way for members to gain direct traffic to their websites, videos, stores etc. by viewing other members’ pages. You earn credits for viewing another page and you use those credits to get traffic to your pages in return. It’s a simple method of generating real human direct traffic for free.

Not all traffic is treated equally, Google penalizes websites with spammy bot traffic. Using a traffic exchange guarantees real human viewers are being sent to your pages.

Do I need a Traffic Exchange?

So we have established that quality direct traffic is the most important metric to climbing those search rankings. We also know that a traffic exchange can provide quality direct traffic. So to answer the question, do I need a traffic exchange? Of course, the answer is yes! But, you have to find the right one to take you on that journey.

It’s just not enough to create amazing content and hope people eventually stumble on it. You have to be proactive in driving that traffic and Google will notice and reward you for your effort.


CustomHits is a free traffic exchange launched in 2012 which is completely free to join. You can add as many websites as you want, target specific locations & genders and earn up to 125% of minutes that you view. CustomHits is the safest, fastest, most reliable way to get direct traffic to your website. Increase your rankings on search engines using our trusted fully automated traffic exchange.

Is VIP or VIP+ worth it?

CustomHits offers you the option to upgrade your membership to get additional benefits. This allows individuals or small businesses to grow online with a low budget. VIP members earn more minutes from their time spent on the exchange, have their websites displayed first, unlock location & gender targeting as well as free minutes every month!

CustomHits VIP membership
CustomHits VIP memberships

Send thousands of real human visitors directly to your website using CustomHits. You can even specify the minimum time each viewer should spend on your pages.

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